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Online Transfer

Comfortable – fast – safe. Transactions by online-transfer were especially described by this three characteristics. Normally there will be build up a connection directly to the account of your customer, where also the amount is reserved. Thus you can be sure, that the account is existing and the necessary money is available.

For transactions by online transfer the customer will in the majority of cases be leaded to an external Website of the appropriate payment provider. Also the consumer bank has to participate in this method.

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Credit Cards

Credit card transactions constitute the most commonly used method of payment. Issuers and terms of card acceptance depend on each country’s regulations, wherefore you can adjust transactions based on your market. As an international payment institution, we provide acceptance contracts which offer a cost effective and efficient solution for each retailer. heidelpay manages the entire process of credit card transactions.

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Direct Debit

Direct Debit is the most popular payment method in Germany. After consumer’s agreement, his bank account will be financially burdened directly with a transaction which is ordered by the online retailer.

The Risk of return debit notes you can counter with a payment institution like heidelpay: We offer direct debit with protection: Safer isn´t possible.

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The payment method prepayment, in german “Vorkasse”, is a save way for avoiding payment defaults. Here the goods won’t sended out until the consumer paid for them.

Also payments which are transact worldwide, will automatically collate to the appropriate order.

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Debit Cards

Debit cards are mostly spreaded national. Together with the credit card, it is one of the most used payment methods in e-commerce. They enable a save and cashless way of payment, where you have also the possibility to withdraw money at many cashpoints.

Here the bank account of the consumer won´t be burdened after the end of a certain period, but directly. Thus the space of payment is limited but you are able to control your transactions on a better way.

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Invoice / Purchase on account

Purchase on account is still a very popular payment method. Thereby consumers are able to prove their ordered goods on characteristics like quality and efficiency before they have to pay. With this comfort on consumer’s side, retailers risk for taking a payment default will increase. With heidelpay´s service of transaction guarantee, both sides will benefit of this payment method: The risk on a payment default will be minimized and consumers can even enjoy the advantages of purchase on account.

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White Label

With white label invoice by heidelpay we provide a professional account and dunning management without external costs. This highly productive module enables to develop and send out invoices, payment reminder or dunning’s, which are exactly tailored to your specifications. Without media disruption or third party providers you will gain the trust of your existing customers and potential buyers. Thereby you have the full control: set individual payment deadlines, define different levels of dunning and assign the ineffective demand directly to cashing. Transaction guarantee is also for our white label invoice available.

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Prepaidcards, voucher, mobile payments – it exists for every audience and industrial sector the suitable payment solution, also apart the established methods. As one of the leading payment institutions we are always on the first place when there are new payment methods to integrate. Benefit of innovative payment methods and thus win new audiences and consumers. We naturally advise you, when and in which scale a new payment method is profitable for you!

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Every payment method is available on all distribution channels
  • Credit & Debitcards worldwide
  • Online-Transfer
  • Direct debit optional with backup
  • Wallets collecting & processing
  • Invoice also as white label solution
  • Prepayment & PrePaid Voucher/GiftCards & much more


Modules, plugins, extensions & extensive API

Our payment solution integrates seamlessly into your existing processes. While heidelpay is already preinstalled in many shop systems, you have the option of adding our payment solutions through our modules with a few clicks. Fast-lane integration offers quick integration through script. 

  • Preinstalled in many Shops
  • Module & Plugins for all systems
  • Management of transactions in Shop-Backend
  • Pure HTML-Checkout without iFrames
  • 100% individual adaptation to your shop design
  • Free Support during and after integration
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Featured Shop

PrestaShop supports existing processes and is very user-friendly because of responsive design. Individual risk-settings allow a secure payment processing and offer online retailers the best protection against payment default and fraud

worldwide E-PAYMENT

Overcome borders and exploit potential of foreign markets! We will bring your e-commerce on an international level. With the right payment strategy and more than 13 years of experience:

International payment methods

With more than 200 payment methods from over 160 countries you are able to accept payments from all over the world.

Global security

We protect your business of attempt to defrauds and transaction defaults. Our experts will define together with you your individual risk suite settings, monitor those and take action if it is needed. That’s the optimal way between safety and comfort for you and your customers.

Authorized payment institution

Heidelberger Payment GmbH is an authorized and registered payment institution based in Germany (register: 12992) that operates internationally in many European countries.

Currency transformation

With our omnichannel payment solution you are able to use more than 120 different transaction currencies and appropriate outpayment currencies.

International experience

We already realized more than 13.000 e-commerce projects successfully – thereunder numerous international platforms. Benefit from our experience! We advise you during the planning and implementation with a particular look to the choice of payment methods and the appropriate riskmanagement.

Global Payment Options

International E-Payment Service


One partner, every payment method worldwide!

Your success depends on the right mix of payment methods – especially internationally! Together we will find the right payment strategy to help your business become internationally competitive.

global e-payment


E-payment and banking combined to an unique solution
  • Account opening & -management at no extra charge
  • Managing of transaction data at no extra charge
  • Protection of consumers money as safe as in a bank
  • Realize direct debits at no extra charge within Europe

As an international payment institution we provide unique service features with no additional costs. Whether account management, accounting or handling of transaction data – our omnichannel-payment solution provides full-featured payment for online- and stationary retailers.



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Heidelpay, the omnichannel-payment-solution of Heidelberger Payment GmbH provides a full-featured payment for e-commerce, m-commerce, POS, MOTO, marketplaces and additional channels of distribution. As an international payment institution, authorized and regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin register 122914) we provide unique services with the highest requirements to safety. For more than 13 years, we have successfully realized projects of online and stationary retailers and thus we currently coach more than 13.000 customers in many different industrial sectors worldwide.

Our mission is to create a secure and user-friendly payment process for both retailers and final customers. Our modules were created with a focus on user-friendliness and easy integration. This includes in-house support during and after integration.